Ashley Mangum
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Congratulations on your decision to breastfeed. You are giving your baby the very best gift!
I'm so happy you have chosen my nursing covers to help make breastfeeding in public a lot easier.
My name is Ashley and I'm a sew-at-home mom to three children and wife to a pretty awesome husband. When I nursed my first child, I didn't have a nursing cover. I dreaded nursing around other people let alone nursing in public. When my second and third children were born, I was able to use a nursing cover. A nursing cover made all the difference in the world! I'm so thrilled I can pass that convenience on to you! I strive to make my nursing covers affordable and I've been able to do so without compromising style and quality. My nursing covers will be the best purchase you make for you and baby- other moms will be asking you, "where did you get that!"

Happy Nursing!