*Note: Pick-Up is no longer an option. Sorry for any inconvenience!

*Please email me for international rates as these are US rates*

You can choose First Class or Priority via USPS. Covers are ready to ship in about 7 days.

{1st Class}
1 cover. . . . . .$3.00
2 covers. . . . . .$3.75
3 covers. . . . . .$4.75
-----.-----.-.... --4+ covers. . . . . .$6.00 {becomes Priority}

$6 ships any order
*NOTE: Please make sure your shipping address is correct to avoid delay and to avoid paying extra shipping fees. If your cover is sent back to me marked, "return to sender" due to an incorrect address, I will send you a PayPal invoice because I will have to print a new shipping label in order to mail it to your corrected address. I have to do this because of the frequency this is occurring. Thank you for understanding!