-Pictures below-

-25"tall x 40+"wide
-Almost a half foot wider than Bebe au Lait!
-Flexible Curved Neck so you and baby can see each other!
-Adjustable neck strap secured with a D-ring
-Breathable 100% cotton
-Exclusive designer fabrics
-Machine washable
-All edges hemmed
-Handcrafted: I've been sewing covers for over 3 years
-Easily fits in purse or diaper bag
-Doubles as a blanket or shades baby from sun
-Keeps baby from being distracted while nursing
-Lovingly made in a smoke free and pet free home
) Flexible Arched Neckline for Easing Viewing (

-Stress areas triple stitched
-Neck strap has stitching along the edge
-Boning sewn into the cover so it won't twist and turn in the wash
-Extra row of stitching along the top of the nursing cover
*oo*00*00*00*The D-ring makes it very simple to adjust the neck strap- you can do it single handed! Unlike velcro, a D-ring will not snag clothing or rip apart. In fact, the more baby tugs and pulls, the more secure it becomes!
The extra row of stitching along the top of your nursing cover will provide stability.
Stitching along the edge of the neck strap gives it a professional look and helps it lay flat and smooth.
Each nursing cover comes with washing instructions.
Each nursing cover is wrapped in tissue paper.